Moulds & Castings

Moulds and castings are part of Mark’s repertoire of skills. This is an integral part in the practice of restoration when replacing missing or badly damaged Composition (or ‘compo’) ornament that is found on certain period Mirror or Picture Frames and Furniture. Utilising adornment on the original piece can be used to cast the moulds for duplication. Traditional compo is then cast and applied hence maintaining the intrinsic value and integrity of the object.

Mark can produce fine ornate plaster casts from moulds as an alternative to compo and hand carving for the use on reproduction frames. For ornamentation that requires replicating but cannot be moved from its position; impression moulds are taken as a reference so the work can be carried out in Mark’s workshop. Ornately carved pattern masters of the highest detail and made to your specification can be used as formers in the process of sand, lost wax and resin casting.